Why GB?

GB offers a truly diverse and unique work environment. Through a healthy mixture of both experienced and young professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds you will be positioned perfectly to learn from years of experience as well as progress with the new wave of youthful exuberant talent that GB has afforded opportunities to grow with the organization.

GB is a company that recognizes and values constant growth, not only as a company but for you as an employee and potential future leader within our organization. As a member of the GB family you can guarantee that we will constantly invest in your growth as a professional while providing a work environment conducive to your development. Whether it is comprehensive on the job training or expertly led business training at our very own GB Academy your progression as members of our organization is our priority.

Employee Development - PLP

Potential Leaders Program

The Potential Leaders Program is a management training program, designed to give a selected numbers of high performance employees comprehensive on the job training, skills development and education.

The program is targeting current GB Auto staff that has potential for growth. The Potential Leaders Program believes that leaders must know the right question to ask and to manage areas in which they themselves are not experts.

It helps potential leaders to assume the role they are capable of.

PLP, provides a clear career path to Ghabbour existing valuable Human Resources.

Potential Leaders go through extensive selection process, they have to pass panel interviews intensive training and on-going evaluation/amendments together with the Executive management diploma.

After successfully completing the program, Potential leaders have to be flexible in relocating either regionally or locally.